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I started practicing yoga a little over 1 year ago, and it helped transform my life. When I first stepped onto a yoga mat, I just wanted to try to be more flexible.


I was stiff. Rigid. And tight.I never truly made time for myself to step away from all the noise, catch my breath, and check in with me.


Yoga changed all of those things.A few highlights I wanted to share I learned on the mat but also off the mat I truly believe apply everyday.


Balance - Of course practicing intensely every week, my practice got better.


It was easier to move from asana to asana.


But I felt more balance in my life as well, picking and choosing what felt right for me.




Pace - There is a rhythm to every class.


From a soft warm-up, to an intense vinyasa flow, and then into closing restorative postures, there is a time to move slow and a time to move fast.


I’m learning when to move quickly on actions / tasks / to do-lists.


But also when to stop, slow-down, and check in before proceeding.



Space - Can you hold space for yourself and others? 


In the digital world, we have instant access to anything.


It’s important to take a break.


To be present in the moment and give attention to ourselves and to other people.

Breathe - Even though we breathe unconsciously, so much of yoga is learning to control that breath consciously.


Connecting breathe to movement.


Practicing breathing through anything when I’m holding a plank pose or the to-do list is mounting - it’s the same lesson: just breathe thru it.


Authenticity -  Who shows up on the mat? How do you show up on the mat?  The way we show up and what we carry follows us around everywhere we go. I thought the teacher training program would be about learning to be stronger in Warrior 2 or better at holding a Half-Moon pose. I still, unfortunately, cannot do a headstand.


But to be honest, that’s not what being a teacher is really about it. It’s about being able to take balance, pace, space, breathe, and my authentic true self and  share that with others.

To move thru a flow and help melt the stress, anxiety, and worries away and come out on the other side a little bit better than before.

I'm excited to keep practicing & sharing with others (:




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