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Bright. Big. Bold.


For a long time – I would never use those words to describe myself.


I hid. I pretended. I played a role. I went through the motions society wanted me to go through.

Oldest male son. Greek. Born and raised in the Deep South. Marry a Greek girl. Start a family.

Burying my authentic thoughts & feelings deep into the darkest souls of my being was torture.


Eventually one day I exploded. The pressure exploded. Everything flooded out.

I took control of my own life. I came out to friends, then siblings, then family.

I started hormones.

I moved to New York City.

Transitioning is a beautiful, crazy, painful, bright, and joyous process.


My art – thru photography & painting – is about tapping into this crazy journey.

Channeling colors that were previously suppressed.

Looking at the world through new eyes.


Photography is my first love. The chase to capture a singular moment, especially in the intense chaotic energy of New York City, is intoxicating.


Painting is my affair – blasting canvas (new or upcycled) with pops of color, pulling inspiration from auras, time, gender, philosophy, psychology, and movement.


Art is meditation. To be able to distance myself out of technology, social media, the news cycle, work, messages, friends, and most importantly – my own head.


I get lost in the moment. In finding the perfect angles of shot. In mixing colors on palette. Editing raw photos or throwing paint on a canvas – I drown out the noise from the outside world.


In the past, I would suffocate myself because I was scared. Now, I creatively express myself with the purpose to see what…comes out on the other side.


My drive is to find my own personal edge. And I hope you can too.



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